Our consultants will help to introduce drones to your business.

Drone applications come in all shapes and sizes. Our consultants give the very best advice on choosing a drone based on years of experience. In addition, we look at the possibilities within your company and how it can be integrated.

By integrating a drone into your business process, we ensure that you can work more efficiently, safely and quickly.

This includes finding the perfect drone, to the data processing. 

Allow us to visit you for an introduction, so that we can look at the possibilities within your company.


Safety comes first within your company – what are the risks, what is allowed and how do we explain that in the procedures.


The output data that the drone provides is important. We know the possibilities and benefits of drones from experience.

Fully integrated

Drone, software and our data platform work together and are fully integrated into your business processes. We strive for the total solution.

Legal possibilities

Rules and legislation. What is possible and allowed within the framework of the law? We look at your desires and at what is feasible for your company.

Our possibilities

We offer various customized solutions, including in the agriculture and aviation industries. Our three most common services are:



We provide customized advice. Customdrone offers all quality drone and software solutions that are available. We are an independent system integrator. Most importantly we work from your specific request, so we come out with the right drone solution for your company.

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Complete solution

To give you a good idea of the possibilities, we work together with you using a step by step approach to find the right solution. We do this with fixed prices, so that you know exactly where you stand. We’re happy to discuss everything that comes along with it.

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Drone as a Service

The next step for your business. We work together with you to take the use of drones to the next level. The drones use artificial intelligence, which makes them self-learning. The output of the drone data can be used in your business process to make it possible to work even more efficiently.

What can our consultants do for you.

Our experience

Customdrone has expert consultants with extensive experience in hardware, software and business processes. Customdrone has been active in the market since 2013. Among other things, we have a lot of experience with various drone brands. With our IT and business process knowledge we can provide the best advice.

Results are what it’s all about.

We consider the core function in creating applications of drones, the ‘must have’. With our drone solution we can make your business process faster, safer and/or better. Our consultants work together with you, with the aim of achieving the best results for your company.

Our data platform

Our data platform is tailored to your wishes. This way we achieve the result you’re looking for. If you want, we can also integrate the data into your business process or include it in the automation. Our drones are self-learning with high accuracy and can ultimately speed up or even replace your current work process, with respect for your company’s the rules.

Drone as a Service

(Drone as a Service) allows your company to introduce our self-learning drones without breaking the bank. For this we make a complete customized solution to improve and/or accelerate your business process. Our customers know that this process saves a lot of time and money per hour. Let us explain it to you in an introductory meeting.

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